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BRAZIL golf courses

Golf in Brazil - Brazil is the undiscovered Gem of the Golf World

Waterfall BrazilBrazil is a magnificent country in many aspects, its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches and many good golf courses. Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in this soccer popular country. Most of Brazil’s 105 courses can be played by anybody, even nonmembers, and often at reasonable prices.It is country that possesses some stunningly beautiful regions, pulsating cities, the breath taking Iguaçu River Waterfalls, some magnificent beaches and a modern and historic cultural heritage all of which makes Brazil a truly great place for a holiday.

The golf vacation package for Brazil offered by Uday Tours are designed around finest golf courses in Brazil, carefully selected accommodation and perfect travel arrangements…

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Golf Holidays in Brazil

Brazil Golf Courses

Brazil has over 100 golf courses spread across the country, from the exotic Amazon to the outskirts of the exuberant Iguassu Falls in the South.

Brazil Golf Map (Click on the Map to view in full screen).
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Pantalans - BrazilBrazil - Travel Arrangements

"Not to Worry" Uday Tours will take care of all your travel arrangements including Ticketing for Air Travel to Brazil, Rail Travel in Brazil, Hotel accommodation for a holiday in Brazil, Airport Transfers and Inland Travel in Brazil, Tee times to play golf in Brazil and sightseeing for you and your non-golfing companions.

Beaches in BrazilHoliday in Brazil

Brazil’s natural beauty and Carnival have made it internationally famous, bringing thousands of tourists to its shores all year long, its dazzling beaches, forest trails and lively cities..

Rio de Janeiro : Rio is the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvellous City), located in world's most beautiful setting - between ocean and escarpment - explore the beaches and the body beautiful; samba and beer; football and the local firewater, cachaça (rum).

Brasília : Brasília, Brazil's capital since 21 April 1960. It was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, urban planner Lucio Costa and landscape architect Burle Marx...

Sao Paulo BrazilSão Paulo : São Paulo can be an intimidating place but, if you know someone to show you around or you like big cities, it offers the excitement and nightlife of one of the world's most dynamic places. Attractions include the baroque Teatro Municipal, Niemeyer's Edifício Copan, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and the 16th-century Patío do Colégio.

The Amazon: The Amazon is a gigantic system of rivers and forests, covering almost half of Brazil and extending into neighboring countries. The wide stretch of river known as Rio Amazonas runs between the cities of Manaus and Belém, though the various rivers that join to form it provide a navigable route for ocean-going vessels to the other side of the South American continent.

Amazon Basin - BrazilAmazon Basin: The Amazon Basin covers  very wide area beginning just 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean in the ice fields of the Andes, the Amazon River rolls 4,000 miles eastward to the Atlantic -- in volume nearly one-quarter of the world's freshwater flow. So mighty is this outflow of fresh water into the ocean that a Spanish explorer in 1500 named it the "Sweet Sea," failing to comprehend that it might be a river.

Amazônia : Amazônia is recognized as the planet's greatest reserve of life forms. Here the largest continuous expanse of tropical forest on Earth harbors approximately one-third of her species. Despite three centuries of scientific study, only a small fraction of its biological richness has been revealed.

The Pantanal: Pantanal is a place to see plenty of wildlife. This vast area of wetlands, lies in the far west of Brazil and extends into the border regions of Bolivia and Paraguay.

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